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All you needed to know about spinal stenosis

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The condition we are calling spinal stenosis can affect one at any age but mostly is found in adults who are over 50 years of age .When the spine starts to narrow, one experiences pain and many other organs in the body may emerge.
First, it is important to understand the structure of the spine itself. It has a series of bones which connect to it together with discs for absorbing shock. The vertebrates form the canal and together, they connect to the brain.
What causes the spine to narrow?
One of the main reasons for the spinal stenosis is the arthritis. The vertebrae have spaces which begin to get smaller. This narrowing of the spine causes a lot of pressure on the spinal cord. When this pinching happens, one experiences the following:
Sharp pain at the back
Tingling in the legs and arms

Leading causes

The condition has no known cure. However, it can be managed. Apart from the arthritis which is well known to cause spinal stenosis, the following also cause the condition.

Herniated disc

When the material inside the discs comes out, there is build up of pressure on the spinal cord and the adjacent nerves. The disc usually cushions the vertebrae but when it cracks, it loses the ability to protect it.
The spine may be affected in the event of an accident due to fractures. The fracture in question inflames the spine leading to this condition.

Tumor growth

Though rare, sometimes tumors can grow on the spine and affect the spinal cord.

Paget’s disease

This is a condition in which the bones grow abnormally large and then become weak. When this happens, the spines starts to narrow and one develops some nerve problems.
How will you know that you are suffering from spinal stenosis?
This condition does not automatically exhibit symptoms at first and as such, one can suffer from the condition without knowing. However, the flowing symptoms will tell you:


If you experience stiffness in the body including areas like the neck, you could be having this problem.


One suffers from loss of sensation in the limbs due to pinching of the nerves which relay impulses.

Back pain

You will experience some pain in the back as a result of the pressure on the spine by the herniated disc.


The sciatic nerve is irritated to the extent that one experiences a lot of pain.

Foot drop

This is a painful condition which affects the leg. Sufferers tend to slap their feet to the ground.

Difficulty walking

Due to the compression on the spine, one is unable to walk in an upright position. You will also be unable to walk well.

Bladder and bowel problems

The correct word for it is incontinence. One loses the ability to control the bladder and the bowel due to the pressure from the spine.

These and many other minor signs should be taken seriously be seeing a doctor at once.

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