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Best sciatica pain treatment options

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The statistics for the people who are likely to be suffering from sciatica is grim: for every 10 people, 4 are likely to be suffering from this back condition. The culprit in this case is the sciatic nerve which moves from the back to the respective legs. The nerve branches at the knees and ends up at the feet.
The sciatic pain starts when the nerve is irritated. There is usually a sharp pain which shoots from the back to the buttock or the thigh. Other symptoms of the condition include the following:

Pain sensation

There is presence of pain which is felt on the lower parts of the body, mainly the thigh, buttock and feet.


As the nerve is severely affected, one loses the ability to feel pain.

General weakness

There is a general weakness in the body and more so, in the legs.
Lastly, one will have a tingling sensation.
Having looked at the various symptoms, it is important to find the sciatica pain treatment. There are various options available. These are as follows:


You can seek sciatica pain treatment at hospital where you will be given medications for sciatica pain treatment. There are muscle relaxants which are prescribed for managing the muscle spasms.


Depressions worsens the back pain, hence you will need the antidepressants to help deal with the lower back pain.

Pain medications

The doctor will prescribe to you various medications which will help offer the relief from pain.


Apart from the medications given at the hospital, one can use over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen and aspirin. There are also NSAIDs such as Motrin and ibuprofen which can be obtained at the nearest pharmacy.


There are steroids administered in the form of injections for sciatica pain treatment. Unlike other medications which take time to offer relief, injections are highly effective since they are injected directly at the source of the pain. Pain caused by herniated or a ruptured disc can be minimized through steroid injections.

Caution on the use of medications

Some of the medications given above are not applicable to all ages. For instance, aspirin is not recommended to anyone below 18 years of age due to the risk of Reyes syndrome.

Other options

Apart from the use of medicine, one can treat sciatica pain through physical therapy .You will need the services of a physical therapist .There are a number of physical exercises which you will be guided to undertake in order to manage the pain. A psychiatrist will also be very helpful and especially if you need the physical medicine to contain your pain.


This is a remedy which people resort to contain pain. The aim of the biofeedback is to control somebody processes such as blood pressure and heart rate. A machine is used to keep track of the body processes. People suffering from stressful conditions will find biofeedback quite useful.


This is a method where needles are placed on pressure points at the back to manage pain.

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