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Causes of sore under armpit

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When you are sore under armpit, you will experience pain, discomfort, tenderness and inflammation. There could be lumps, cysts, swollen glands, tumors and many other possible causes. Let us now look at some of the more common causes of the sore under armpit.


Bacteria and virus invade the armpit. When they do, they cause infections, leading to soreness, tenderness and pain.

Tissue growths

Though they tend to be harmless, they nonetheless affect the armpits. They are known as lipomas and cause a lot of discomfort unless they are surgically removed. In addition, there may be fibrous tissue growths known as fibro adenoma.


There are allergic reactions which occur due to a number of reasons. The use of deodorants which are very strong could irritate the armpits. Some people react to various chemicals the skin is exposed. Application of various cosmetic products is one of the main reasons for the irritation in the armpit.

Swelling in the armpits

The armpits swell for a number of reasons. To begin with, the glands could swell due to an infection. Secondly, there could be cysts which are painful. Thirdly, the lymph nodes swell due to the overproduction of white blood cells. All these are cause presence of oval-shaped lumps which are usually soft, round and tender.


There are various diseases which cause sore under armpit. Neuropathy and lymphadenitis are some of the conditions which affect the armpit. They make a bad situation worse. When one is infected by these conditions, there is inflammation, swelling and tenderness. The other common problem is rheumatoid arthritis which causes the lymph nodes.


The sore under armpit could be caused by the presence of tumors. These tumors are not necessary painful but they do cause a lot of discomfort. Only surgery can help remove them from the armpit.

Use of harsh chemicals

The beauty products that we use spray or apply to the armpit. The deodorants and antiperspirants contain harsh substances which irritate the skin. One should know their skin type so that they can apply the appropriate chemicals suitable for the skin.


Eating oily foods has an adverse effect on the skin. The oil accumulates at the armpits, thereby blocking the pores of the skin. The skin is not able to get rid of toxins since the circulation is poor.


The sore under armpit condition is aggravated overproduction of sweat. One can sweat excessively due to a number of reasons like skin type or intake of spicy foods. In order to reduce sweating, one should cease eating spices.

Traumatic injuries

If you have injured the armpit or the parts connected to the armpits, there will be soreness and tenderness. For instance, in case of a car accident, one could tear a muscle. A dislocation of the shoulder is a painful experience whereby the ball comes out the socket. The pain radiates from the chest to the armpits.
Cysts could be the cause of the discomfort that you experience due to poor circulations. Pimples as a result of acne infection could also affect the condition of the armpit.

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