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Natural back pain treatment

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Back pain is brought about by many problems. One of them is the irritation of the sciatic nerve; the other is herniated disc among others. People who have this problem seek treatment in different ways. For instance, there are pain relievers like ibuprofen as well as surgery. However, the back pain treatment can be achieved naturally.

Ice-heat therapy

This back pain treatment can be done at home with a lot of ease. You will need to start with the ice pack first before using heat. An ice pack is placed on the source of the pain at the back. Since the pain is deep in the body, you will need to apply continuously on the spot for around 20 minutes. Ensure to take the precaution of placing a towel in between the skin and the ice. Corn and a bag of frozen peas can be used as an alternative .This process should be repeated a few times during the day to provide the back pain treatment that you need.
For the heat treatment, dip a towel in warm water, wring it and fold it before pressing it gently against the area where you are feeling the pain. A heating pad and plastic could be placed atop the towel as you press the towel on your back. The process should be repeated until the pain goes away.

Work on your posture

For natural back pain treatment, you need to improve on your posture. Poor posture has been linked to back pain. Straining or bending for long can put a strain on the back. Find the sitting or standing position which places the least pressure on the back. When sitting for instance, ensure that the back is straight and that it rests firmly on the back support. The neck should be straight and relaxed.

Stretch exercises

There are a number of stretch exercises which one can perform daily, early in the morning when you get up. This will involve stretching the arms, pulling the knees towards the chest, turning on the side and swinging the feet on the floor. You will realize that these simple stretch exercises will go a long way in relieving your back pain.


The source of the pain should be massaged thoroughly to offer the back pain treatment. Some people use topical creams on the back for relief. However, you will find that these creams could also cause irritation if not used properly. A better option would be the use of the tennis balls which are put in a sock and rolled on the back. Since you cannot do it on your own, you will require someone to help you do it.

Pepper treatment

For back pain relief, you can rub some pepper on your back. The pepper contains a substance known as capsaicin. This chemical substance has a positive impact on the nerves by blocking their ability to send pain to the brain. Hot peppers are the best treatment options for pain relief.

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