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Sciatica treatment options

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Sciatica is a condition affecting the sciatic nerve. The nerve runs from the lower back to the individual legs. If left untreated, it can lead to severe pain. One can either go for the surgical or the non-surgical sciatica treatment. Although the surgical option is the best, one can still go for the non-surgical method.

Use of heat or ice packs

One is advised to apply ice on the affected part for about 20 minutes and repeat the routine every few minutes. The ice can be alternated with the heat for more effective sciatica treatment. The ice might burn the skin, so it is advisable to place a towel between the ice and your skin.


There are a number of medications you can use to relieve the pain in the sciatica. The non-steroidal medications for instance are sold as over the counter medications in relieving the debilitating. One can also use the oral steroids to reduce the inflammation usually associated with sciatica pain.

Muscle relaxants

The muscle spasm can be severe in people with this condition. In order to calm them, one needs to have medications for it. There are also narcotic medications which are intended for short term use .once the pain subsides, one stop using them, usually within 14 days.


For effective sciatica, you will need injections such as the epidural steroids. These injections work very differently from the other oral medications in that they go directly to the source of the pain hence the effect is immediate. If you are suffering from sharp or acute pain due to sciatica, the relief will be in the form of injections such as these epidural steroids.
The downside of this form of treatment is the fact that it only offers temporary relief. Secondly, not everyone can be a candidate for the injection.
The chiropractic treatment involves the manipulation of the spinal cord. A chiropractor is the professional that you need for alignment of the spinal column so that that the problem concerning the sciatic pain can be resolved effectively. The advantage of the manual manipulation is that you will be able to treat the condition without going through the harrowing pain.


This ancient method involving the energy flow in the body has found its way into sciatica treatment. There are needles which are inserted on the surface of the skin close to the source of pain. The acupuncture method is used to offer relief from the pain and has been highly recognized for managing back pain by organizations such as FDA.


Known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in full, this is a method of managing the sciatica pain through therapy sessions. Patients are taught how to deal with the pain through therapy. A professional therapist is hired for the work.


Massaging the affected part of the body is highly beneficial because it stimulates the flow of blood in the area. It also allows the muscles to relax as well as release of the ‘feel good hormones, what we alternatively endorphins.

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