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Sharp pain in underarm explained

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When you explain sharp pain in underarm, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what the cause. There are several reasons why this could happen and the explanations are as follows:


A celebrovascular accident could affect some sections of the brain as well as the nerve endings in the armpits. The effect of this is that you will experience various symptoms like sudden, electrifying pain and a sharp sensation that is very painful.


One of the main causes of sharp pain in the underarm is the neuropathy. The nerves are affected when one suffers from diseases like chicken pox. One experiences shooting pain which travels from the armpit to other parts like the elbows. When the nerves are damaged, they malfunction, thereby being unable to transmit impulses. The pain radiates from the armpit to the other parts of the body. The lack of vitamin B complex has been attributed to the occurrence of the neuropathy.


When we suffer from indigestion, we get a heartburn which causes acid from the stomach to move to the heart area in the chest. The burning sensation affects other areas such as the armpits. The heat for instance is one of the reasons for the sharp pain in armpit.

Lymph nodes

The lymph nodes contain a lymphatic fluid which in turn has white blood cells for fighting infections. When the lymph nodes are inflamed, they swell as a result of overproduction of white blood swells. The apparent fight between these cells and the bacterial leads to a sharp pain in the armpit. This is exacerbated by the swelling of the nodes.

Muscle strain

The muscle connecting the chest to the shoulder known as the pectoris major could be injured when playing or lifting heavy objects. The pain reaches to the armpit suddenly one feels like something has snapped.

Pinched nerve

The armpit is made up of nerves some of which get pinched. When this happens, you experience some sharp sensation of pain.

Muscle pain

The muscles found in the armpit could become painful due a number of reasons. Sometimes, lack of exercise in the abs may cause pain when you make sudden moves like stretching suddenly. This gives one reason to exercise all the body muscles so as to make sure that they are relaxed.


Removing of hair in the armpit using wax is called waxing. If the hair is irritated at the follicle level, one experiences sharp pain that radiates from the underarm.

Cystic pimples

There are cysts which form when the pores are blocked and bacteria invade the armpit. One experiences sharp pain in underarm as a result of the presence of the cysts. They are usually in the form of pimples.


Cancer in the breast could spread all the way to the armpit, causing the sudden pain that shoots in the area when one moves the arms.

Pulled muscle

Pulling one’s muscle could lead to sudden but debilitating pain.

Chest pain

The pain in the chest area could be felt in the armpits as well.

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