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Symptoms of low back pain

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The pain at the back may be either is low, mild to severe. We need the low back for the body’s structural support and movement. Without the low back, some tissues at the back would be affected.

Why do we have low back pain?

The lumbar spine   could be affected in one or another together with the ligaments and the discs found in the area. There is the spine, nerves, abdomen and the pelvis, all of which are located in the low back. If any of these parts are affected, then we suffer from this condition.

The various causes of low back pain

The pain may result from a number of factors, not a single one. The first one is the manual lifting of heavy objects. There is a strain on the back during the lifting such that the lumbar spine is affected. One of the mistakes we make is to use the back muscles instead of the hip or leg muscles.

The trunk

If the trunk is twisted suddenly, one will likely suffer from low back pain. This could explain we are advised to take care of the trunk when taking part in sports as the twisting commonly occurs during sports. The trunk could also bend forward when training, leading to the pain. Watch out too in case you bend the same trunk sideways.

Straining to reach things

If you constantly stretch yourself in order to reach things located out of reach, you will suffer from a strain in the ligaments or the muscles located at the back.  It is advisable that you do not stretch too much so that you don’t experience the pain.


When we fall, we stand the risk of injuring the back. If for instance you fall from an elevated position, the impact could be so much that you tear a muscle or ligament. The low back pain may occur as a result.

Sitting for long hours

If you have a tendency to sit for long hours, you will tend to put a strain on the back. As such, you should exercise by walking and stretching after sitting for a while.

Sedentary career

People who lead sedentary lifestyles tend to suffer from mild to severe pain at the back. For instance, if your job revolves around lifting, pushing or pulling of heavy objects, you will develop pain at the back.

Some highly demanding physical jobs take toll on the lumbar region of the back and therefore, should be minimized in order reduce or avoid the pain.


If you subject you body to vibrations, there is a risk of developing   pain in the back. As much as possible, one should avoid the vibrations on the entire body.

Smoking is not suitable for you as it is linked to the low back pain.


Tall people have a tendency to experience pain as the spine has to support a longer trunk than the one for shorter people.

Overweight or obese

People who have problems with weight tend to suffer from pain at the back due to pressure and strain.

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