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Underarm pain causes

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There are nodes found in the armpit. Over and above, there are muscles, nerves, bones among many other body structures located here. This could explain why underarm pain is expected.However; we need to focus on the actual underarm pain causes.

Traumatic injuries

These injuries could affect the bones, nerves or the blood vessels, leading to pain that one is experiencing.

Nervous disorders

The nervous system is connected to the armpits through the nerves feeding it. A disorder in this system could lead to the pain felt in both the right and left arm pit.

Medical conditions

There are a number of medical conditions which may arise. Lymphadenitis for instance may arise due to a problem in the lymphatic system when the nodes are infected. They will enlarge and become inflamed.

Dislocation of the shoulders

The join in the shoulder is usually highly moveable .This makes it highly susceptible to injuries leading to dislocation. When you have a dislocation, it means that the upper bone is out of the socket. The dislocation causes pain and discomfort to both the armpits and the shoulders as well.

Stretching too much

If you are involved in some sports such as tennis or baseball, you will tend to stretch your arms to the extent of breaking muscles found in the arms. People who are active in these kinds of sports tend to suffer from painful armpits.


Sufferer of diabetes is more likely to complain about the underarm pain due to the fact that the high blood pressure and excess blood sugar cause damage to nerves. The underarm pain is a result of the damage which occurs to the nerves found in the armpits.

Hair follicles inflammation

When the hair follicles are inflamed, one will experience pain. The pain results from bacterial infection. Dead skin cells and oil block the pores. Cysts and sinus may form as a result, hence the pain.


When one is suffering from anxiety, the heart rate increases and one sweats more. The sweat in the armpit causes irritation. The irritation is what makes one feel a lot of pain.


Use of wax to remove hair could be lead to underarm pain .The pain is usually felt after waxing. The hair in the area is irritated when you pull it together with the wax.


Otherwise known as Peripheral Artery Disease, this condition is caused by reduction in the flow of blood to among other areas such as the legs. Tissue injury may cause extreme pain in various parts of the body such as the armpits.

Brachial plexus

One of the cause’s foundered pains is brachial plexus .Pressure, trauma or injuries when exercising could cause damage to the nerves .If you jerk your head away from the shoulders suddenly, you will experience a sharp pain which could cause tingling sensation, numbness and reduced control of the muscles found in the arms.

When you should act

Do not just sit and watch. If you feel the pain moves away from the armpit to chest, see a doctor. Others are tingling sensation, numbness, lumps and muscle weakness

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