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Ways to sooth left armpit pain

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The left armpit pain could be so debilitating that you would do anything to contain it. Some methods used to reduce the pain work while others do not. If you are looking for the highly effective ways to sooth left armpit pain, you should try out the following recommended methods:

Cold compresses

A cold cotton cloth is placed in the armpit to relieve pain and lower the inflammation that may occur due to the enlargement of the lymph nodes. Alternatively, you can use an ice pack. Both of the methods are highly effective cold compression methods which offer one the much needed effect on the left armpit pain.

Heat treatment

A warm bath is all that you need to ensure that you fight infection or inflammation in the left arm ,all that you need to do is to add a teaspoonful of baking powder to the water and then apply it to the armpit. The inflammation and the itchy sensation will disappear.

Massage the armpit

The swollen armpit could have poor circulation. Hence, you will need to massage the area.  A gentle massage works magic and in no time, you will have improved circulation, leadng to healing from your pain.

Keep off certain foods

People with problems with their armpits should avoid oily foods. The oily foods cause you to sweat a lot and as a result, the excess sweat will block the pores in the armpits. The less oily the food is, the less you will sweat and the easier you will be able to deal with the problem in your armpit.

Spicy foods are also discouraged because they cause you to sweat more .When you sweat excessively, you create a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and bacteria.


The armpit should be kept under a perfect hygienic environment. This means that you should wash and dry it. Get rid of sweat and unblock the pores for better breathing of the skin. The toxins will easily be removed due to improved circulation.  Bacterial and viral infections will disappear and you will find that left armpit pain will become history.

Beauty products

If you are using some beauty products like anti-per spirants and deodorants which are irritating the skin, you should cease using them and instead, get a replacement. Some of these products irritate the left armpit and as result, you feel pain. To remove the discomfort and pain, go for the ones which cause less irritation or stop using them altogether.

Proper shaving

If your hair in the armpit has grown big, you will need to find a way to shave it without irritating the   hair follicles. Some methods of hair removal like use of wax have been found to cause pain when removing the hair. Ensure that the hair removal method you use is gentle to the skin.


There are some creams which sooth the left armpit pain. The hot pepper for instance will calm the pain and reduce the inflammation.

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