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What cause soreness under armpit?

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When you experience soreness under armpit, there are several things that could have gone wrong with your left or right armpit. The armpit has many body structures such as blood vessels, bones, nerves among others. If there are irritations, injuries or infections, one is likely to experience soreness.


If you are suffering from acne, you will itch and the whole of the armpit will become sore as a result of the acne. Only anti-acne medications can help soothe the soreness under armpit.


The skin under the arm is very sensitive. If one uses harsh chemical products, the skin swells and become red. For instance, use of harsh deodorants could trigger an inflammation on the skin, hence the soreness.


Bacteria and virus infects the areas, leading to the enlargement and swelling of the lymph nodes. When this happens, you will have soreness in the area.

Allergic reaction

The skin could become allergic to some products that we used. The beauty products that we use may be unfriendly to the armpit, leading to irritation.


When we sweat without a clear way of getting   rid of it, it will irritate the skin and eventually, one will feel sore and scratch it. In most cases, the sweat reacts with skin if it is not washed off. It goes without saying that we need to observe high level hygiene so that we are able to clean and keep the armpit dry.

Excess oil

Oil is just as harmful as the nucleated sweat.

The Soreness under armpit is as a result of the excess oil. The excess oil comes from the oily food that we eat. It is advisable that we cut down out intake of oil as it blocks the pores under the armpit.


There are spicy foods which cause us to sweat profusely. We should ensure that we reduce or remove spices from our foods altogether.


There are diseases which affect the armpit, leading to the soreness under armpit. A condition like lypmphodenitis can cause the armpit to become sore. In order to end the soreness, one will need to take the right medication. This will reduce the inflammation in the lymphatic system,

Strain in the muscles

The overuse of the arm has the effect of leading to soreness and pain. People who engage in certain sports like baseball could injure the pectoris major which connects the chest to the shoulder. When playing, one could easily strain this muscle, hence the pain.


The soreness under armpit could be as a result of skin conditions such as shingles. The condition is due to viral infection. It causes rashes which are itchy to touch. The tingling sensation this condition causes under the armpit is what makes the area sore.


The lymph nodes could swell due to the enlargement when they swell. The infection of the lymph nodes by a cold could cause them to swell and become and tender.

Breast cancer and the Peripheral Arterial Disease could also be responsible for the soreness that one experiences under the armpits.

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