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What causes lower back pain?

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There are a number of factors which could cause lower back pain. This part of the body is made up of various complex parts such as the discs, bones, muscles among others. Any of the complex networks could be affected in one way or another.


The nerve roots which lead to the legs could be irritated. When this happens, you will experience lower back pain. There are smaller nerves at the lower back which could be affected through the same irritation.


If the paired large muscles are strained, one will begin to feel some pain at the back.  The erector spine is the name for these muscles which are affected, leading to the back pain.


The lower back pain is caused by the damage which occurs to the ligaments and the bones at the back.

Degenerative disease

 When the intervertebral disc degenerates, one will end up with a problem at the lower back. The problem arises from the degenerative disease of the discs occurs.

One of the ways in which you will know you have a problem is when there is a persistent pain which radiates from the region and then felt in other parts of the body. A strain at the lower back is enough to have you taken to an emergency room for immediate attention. The degenerative disc will on the other hand lead to a discomfort which is on and off.


One of the leading causes of the lower back pain is age. People who are at least 30 years up to 60 will tend o suffer disc herniation or the degenerative disease of the discs. The cause is the strain on the soft tissue.

Those who are 60 years and above tend to have joint degeneration. For instance, you will have osteoarthritis or a compression fracture.

Although the lower back pain may start as a discomfort, one should act fast when the symptoms worsen. For instance, in the case of fever or chills, you should act fast and get treated.

Weightloss should also not be taken lightly and especially if it relates to your back. If the weightloss is due to dieting or other reasons, then it can be understood. It is the unexplained one that should get you concerned.

Weakness in the legs is another common problem related to the back. If the legs show sign of weakness, you should immediately be attended to at the earliest opportunity.

Incontinence in the bowel or bladder is a clear indication that all is not well. These two could be linked to your lower back pain. If you notice that you are having difficulty passing urine or stool. You should get checked immediately and treated.

Abdominal pain tends to occur around the same time, giving you a lot of discomfort. It is advisable that you seek medical attention to establish the reason for the abdominal pain.

Infection, fracture or a tumor are the other 3 possible reasons why you are experiencing the pain. You should seek medical attention to establish cause.

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