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What causes pain under left armpit?

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One thing we should be aware of is that the armpit generally is a sensitive area. When the pain becomes too much, one may start imagining or manner of possible causes. For instance, it is possible to link it to cancer, owing to the close proximity to the breasts. Far from it, pain under the left armpit could be caused by a number of things.

Beauty products

What cosmetic products do you use? It is possible that you have all along been using the wrong deodorants which irritate the left armpit. Some of these beauty products are made from chemicals which are too harsh for the skin. If   you are having pain under left armpit, it is time you reconsidered the medication that you use. When you notice redness on the area, itching or has an allergic reaction, you will know that this has something to do with the beauty products you use.

Wrong way of removing hair

The pain under left armpit could be as a result of the crude ways you use to remove the hair there. A dull blade could for instance lead to bumps in the left armpit. Some ingrown hair could cause a painful condition. In order to deal with pain under left armpit, you need to find a better, hygienic way of shaving the armpit.


One of the commonest injuries that could be causing the pain is what is medically termed as brachial plexus. The injury results from a strain when you pull away the head from the shoulder suddenly. People who take part in contact sports are likely to suffer from this kind of injury.

Overstretching the muscles

The muscle strain could result from overstretching when you are involved in activities like javelin or baseball. People who swing their arms often are likely to suffer from the problem.


Watch out for a number of infections which could cause the pain under left armpit. If for instance   you are suffering from lymphagitis, the lymph nodes are affected. Other problems which could arise include skin abscess. It may get worse if the lymphatic fluid is not drained away safely.

There is a fungal infection known as sporotrichosis. This infection is common among the gardeners. The rose bushes, moss and soil may frequently come into contact with the armpit, leading to the painful condition.


Some painful lumps may be form due to cancer. Some of these lumps may be painless but generally speaking, they are caused by infections such as chickenpox.


Though in rare cases, the pain in left armpit could be brought about by cancer. People with breast cancer or what is commonly referred to as lymphoma are responsible for the pain you experience in the armpit.


Another common problem is indigestion which causes stomach acids to travel from the heart to the arm pits. When this happens, one is likely to suffer from the pain.

Shingles is a common problem in people with chicken pox and could lead to the pain.

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