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What causes sore armpits?

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The sore armpits are a common in people due to a number of reasons. The armpits become red, tender and inflamed. The following are the most probable causes of the sore armpits:


A virus infection could lead to the problem. These viruses infect the glands in the armpits. They also lead to various infections like cold and flu. There are many other viral infections which make armpits sore and tender.


Lumps could also form in the armpits. They are usually small, rounds and keep shifting spot. You might be forced to feel the armpit with your fingers to detect them.

Swollen lymph nodes

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes. The nodes contain a fluid which we call lymphatic fluid. The work of this fluid is to combat infections. Sometimes the nodes themselves become enlarged and feel like lumps under the armpits.

Swollen gland

The glands under the armpits swell as infections and lead to sore armpits .The oval-shaped glands which are the lymph nodes swell and bring about the problem.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Patients of rheumatoid arthritis have sore armpits. The arthritis is responsible for the swelling of the lymph nodes in the first place.

Presence of cysts

Cysts form due to the oil sweat in the armpit, leading to the pores being blocked.The cysts are usually tender and painful to touch.


If you have an allergic reaction in the skin, there is soreness in the armpit. The allergy is brought about by many factors such as infections to parasites. The use of strong chemicals in deodorants could cause to react to them.


People suffering from cancer develop pain in the armpits. The cancer could start from the breasts, causing the pain.

Pulling a muscle

There are many muscles in the body. They are found in the armpits, chest, and stomach among others. One could pull any of them accidentally, leading to sharp pain. The pain radiates to the armpit and this could explain why you are experiencing soreness in armpit.

Diseases and infections

There are many autoimmune disorders which could affect the nerves in the armpit. One perfect example is neuropathy. This condition affects the nerves, making the armpit sore to touch. A disease like lymphadenitis could also cause soreness.

Pinching of nerves

Some of the nerves found in the armpits could be affected when there is pressure on the nerves.


Some of the problem which leads to the soreness is waxing to remove hair follicles. If the waxing is not done the right way, might irritate the hair roots, leading to the soreness.


Infection by acne leads to painful pimples. When these pimples are no treated, they become irritably painful.


If one is pregnant, there is bound to be a form of irritation in the armpit. The same problem could arise when you are breastfeeding.

Use of certain products

There are certain chemicals which trigger the soreness in the armpit. The anti-per spirants and deodorants we use on the skin. They cause irritation to the skin if they are harsh.

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