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When to see a doctor for pain in left armpit

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The swelling in the lymph nodes, traumatic injuries, nerve disorders, muscle strain and infections are some of the main causes of pain in left armpit. If you have this problem, you will need an effective remedy for it. Some of the symptoms of the pain in left armpit are painless while others are painful. Once the problem becomes life threatening, you should see a doctor immediately.

Some of the conditions which should warrant doctor’s attention for left armpit pain are:


Sometimes you will bleed a lot in the armpit. If the bleeding or haemorrhage cannot be contained, one should visit a doctor for treatment. If left untreated for long, it could have some serious consequences.

Stabbing or intense pain

One may experience sharp, stabbing pain which is deep. In such a situation, you should act fast and seek medical attention. Sometimes the pain travels from the armpits to the heart area. This could be indicative of a heart attack which could be fatal.

Respiratory problems

One may develop serious breathing problems like wheezing or running short of breath.when this happens, you should be seen by a doctor so that the pain in left armpit could be diagnosed appropriate medication offered.


There may result loss of limb function such as severe numbness. The latter could lead to paralysis, meaning that you are unable to walk, sit or stand.


In severe   forms of the pain in left armpit, you will suffer from chest palpitations. There is a throbbing feeling in the chest area which could be a pointer to more serious underlying condition.


You will experience a tight feeling in the chest due to pressure. The congestive feeling should be checked as soon as you can and treatment offered.


Do you sometimes experience some tightness in the chest which cannot be explained? The pain could be the reason for this tightness. Have the doctor examine you for a proper diagnosis.


If you are having pain in the armpit that is chronic, you should not ignore. Pain that is lasting for days without ceasing could be a warning to you that all is not well.

Numbness tingling sensation

There may result some numbness or a tingling sensation in the left arm. The sensation could be accompanied by pain that you cannot explain. The armpits could be affected.

A visible bone

A bone may stick out of the arms due to dislocation. The pain may be unbearable and especially if the ball has come out of the socket.

What to expect

The doctor will examine you and if the diagnosis is made for the pain in left armpit, you will be asked to take a rest and apply some cold water or ice treatment in the area. The ice treatment will be alternated with heat treatment.

Some medications will be administered and this includes NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. Some pain relievers like aspirin will also be administered.

In case of a tumor, surgery will be carried out.

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